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About Us

Several years of experience with regional electrical companies, Oil/Gas/Petrochemical industries, famous consultant companies, and well-known EPC contractors in Iran and abroad, enables the TGE Co. to confidently deliver the following services with its best quality:


Obliged to offer devices and systems from well-known and qualified manufacturers, TGE Co. commercial is somehow independent of the other branches with the exception that  upon request of the customer, it may refer to the technical segments to suggest best choices for each special case. That is why TGE Co. commercial is not bound to any particular manufacturer, having established mutual consent with manufacturers to offer best fitting products and systems to each case.


As a compliment to supply of equipment and integration of systems, TGE Co. consulting will help to reach an optimum plan and define a practical system to best meet the requirements of the customers, hence avoiding unnecessary and useless costs. In most cases these services are totally free of charge and are considered as normal supplements to the ordinary contracts. As TGE Co. consulting staff are in practice those who will be finally carrying out the projects and taking responsibility of the fluent performance of the supplied equipment and systems, their professional recommendations are highly reliable.

System Integration

Systems integration in TGE Co. means an A to Z procedure, starting from site survey and site data collection up to basic and detail designs, supply and assembly  of equipment, software parameterization and database entries, acceptance tests, site installations, commissioning and start up, and final delivery tests. Of course TGE Co. services do not terminate when the project is delivered. Excluding warranty, support and maintenance services will be available on request.

Tailor-made Solutions

Sometimes special devices or software need to be developed/modified/integrated in order to reach an organized solution. TGE Co. is prepared to apply creativity in such projects in a fail safe manner. Thanks to years of experience, many available hardware and software have been examined and practiced and integration of different products with different suppliers has become a normal practice for  TGE Co. experts. That is why  TGE Co. is committed to run for tailor made requirements.


To ensure that the systems delivered will receive all the required support such as modifications to match changes, regular maintenance checks, upgrades, TGE Co. offers support services on case by case basis or regular periodical maintenance basis.  Minimum response time can be arranged on request.


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