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SAS (Substation Automation System)

Numerical protection and control have reached high voltage substations in electric networks since more than a decade. Advantages introduced by numerical systems,  such as easy operation and fault handling, reduced cabling, accurate reporting, management facilities, PC based interactive graphical operator interface and many other  benefits gained by these systems suggest that conventional systems will be gradually upgraded while new substations will be based on numerical systems. TGE Co. relies on years of experience in design, supply and integration of SAS, keeping up with the technical improvements and standard upgrades. Upgrading of conventional protection and control systems or extensions and upgrade of existing digital numerical systems are also in the scope of this service.

PMS/PDCS (Power Management/Distribution Control System)

Industrial complexes normally have a proprietary network to feed their electrical consumptions. Power Distribution Control Systems (PDCS) fit the needs of such networks. Monitoring and control of these electrical networks, is implemented using microprocessor based controllers  networked together through standard industrial data networks, showing  the network on interactive graphical operator interface. When the management of loads and generation is also  required , then special calculation and logic will be required which makes a Power Management system (PMS). That is one that TGE Co. expertises.

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

Where there is a network for conveying any resource, SCADA is required to monitor and control such a network. Water distribution pipelines, oil or gas pipelines, each require their peculiar SCADA systems. Electricity networks in turn need customized SCADA for transmission and distribution levels. TGE Co. offers SCADA systems for all different networks.

DMS (Distribution Management System)

Distribution Management in electricity industry refers to an elaborated system which monitors electricity distribution networks in urban or rural areas, allows analysis and calculation of system parameters  leading to optimum switching , reconfiguration, power and energy loss reduction, maintenance cost minimization, network development optimal design , and many other advantages, making such system an essential management tool for each distribution company, and a vital need for each country to help minimize energy loss , reducing costs as well as promising  better environment.  The system is based on powerful software modules installed upon a ground of SCADA hardware and software. Honored to be involved with this brand new branch, TGE Co.  has all the resources to supplies hardware, software, and services to install and run DMS   with qualifications as required by different customers.

Data and Voice Communication

Depending upon particular conditions, different equipment is used to communicate data and voice between High Voltage substations and control centers. SCADA telegrams as well as tele-protection signals are directed on dedicated bands through the same paths.   Power Line Carriers are appropriate solutions especially for long distances. Other solutions include, radio modems, satellite, GSM, or simply Optical Fiber. Tavan Gostaran Ebtekar  is prepared to offer communication solutions for SCADA and tele-protection applications.  Installation, commissioning and support are among the related services.

F & G system

Nowadays, F&G systems are widely applied in civil and industry in order to minimize the damages caused by fire and also to inform the residents of buildings in the case of fire. For fire detection, three effects of the fire flame, heat, and smoke are used. Generally fire detection systems comprise of conventional and intelligent systems.

Off-shore and Subsea Services

TGE Co. is the official representative/partner of Gulf Marine company in Iran. GM is one of the biggest companies of DELTA Group and has many references of engineering, supply, commissioning, and construction in Oil and Gas industries in UAE, Qatar, and etc. Also we have been involved in several successful projects in Iran for IOOC, IOEC, SPGC, and etc.

  • Project Engineering (Basic and Detail), Planning, Procurement, Management, and Construction of Offshore Platforms, Rigs, and etc. on a Turnkey basis (Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural).

  • Diving support for Offshore Oil Rigs, Construction Work, Lay and Jets Barges.

  • Installation of Articulated Pipes for Subsea Cable Protection.

  • NDT Inspection Programs for Offshore Structural Classification and Certification.

  • ROV Services.

  • Video Inspection, High Pressure Cleaning, Pipe Fusing, Pipe Tracking, Polly Pigging, Pipe Cleaning inspection and repair.

  • Ship Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair.

  • Cathodic Protection Installation.

  • Rock Armour Installation.

  • Installation of Geo-Textile on Seabed.

  • Electro Magnetic Array Inspection System.

  • Subsea Hyperbaric Welding.

  • Underwater Cutting and Welding.

  • Underwater Anode Works.

  • Emergency Pipeline Repairs.

  • Installation and Maintenance of SPM (Single Point Mooring) System and Offshore Loading Terminals.

  • Jetty Installation, Repair, and Maintenance.

  • Pipeline and Riser Installation.

  • Navigational Aid Installations.

  • Marine and Civil Construction Works.

  • Structural Repairs,  Re-enforcement and Stabilization of Marine Facilities.

  • Underwater Concreting and Foundation Works.

  • Salvaging.

  • Desalination.

  • Sheet/Pipe Pilling Works.

  • Equipment and Machinery Supply and Service.

  • Supply & Management of Various Size and Capacity of Vessels on Charter Party Contract Basis (Tug, Boat, Barges, Push Tugs, Crane Barges, Water Barges, Dredgers, and Dredge Plant).


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