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About Us

Tavan Gostaran Ebtekar Company (TGE Co.) was founded in 2006, relying on valuable experiences of its founders and its worthy experts, in order to integrate the wisdom of experience with the glory of juvenility for providing tailored total solutions (including engineering, manufacturing, procurement, and commissioning) for projects mainly in Power, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Communication industries.

Quality and Responsibility are key words in  TGE Co., not  as a luxury but as the only choice for survival and growth.  Therefore, we pay great attention to development and enhancing quality methods and algorithms not only in design and supply, but also in resource management and task definition.

Technology is a criterion upon which the company founders have based their concepts. That is what makes our services accessible anywhere and everywhere, limited only to applicable laws and regulations.  

That is how we proceed to maintain harmony with the changing world. No limit, no constraint, no border. TGE Co. always looks forward ...


TGE Co. lives to benefit all involved parties:

Our customers by

  • High quality  services in acceptable time frames,

  • Sufficient and appropriate training  to operate  the delivered product or system,

  • Fast and effective supportive services to maintain or upgrade the  product or system.

Our employees by

  • Improvement  of expertise and managerial capabilities,

  • Proper income and financial encouragement.

Our share holders by

  • Mental and practical satisfaction in terms of quality orientation and  professionalism,

  • Steady and smooth growing of the business,

  • Financial  outcome.

Our globe by

  • Helping to move  the human society  to a better future,

  • Helping to have a better environment and to allow mother earth to recover.


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Inquiries, requests, or questions regarding the content of this web site should be directed to info@tge-epc.com.
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